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Flint Motion is a vibrant and creative motion graphics studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialize in design and animation… so no, we won’t be editing your wedding videos, unfortunately. We’ve worked on everything from cinema ads to explainer videos, the best of which have conveniently been plonked below. Making pixels move is what we do best, so if you’re in the market for a wicked piece of animated awesomeness, hit us up!

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  • oceanb2

    The Ocean Pan-tastic

    In addition to the other Ocean Basket animations we created with So Interactive, we were delighted to create this goodie as part of the “When you think of the ocean, think Ocean Basket” campaign. Themed “Celebrate the Pan” we depicted an ocean full of creatures morphing into an ocean full of utensils which ultimately lands up in an ocean basket pan.

    Agency: So Interactive

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  • oceangluhwein

    Spice up your winter: Glühwein

    So Interactive approached us to create this flavour infused animation to promote Ocean Basket’s Glühwein winter special online.  We matter-of-factly depicted the ingredients in Ocean Basket’s cheerful, illustrative style and invited viewers to spice up their winter!  Short and sweet!

    Agency: So Interactive

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  • Spice up your winter: Paella

    Spice up your winter: Paella

    So Interactive approached us to create this flavour infused animation to promote Ocean Basket’s delicious Paella winter special online. Chopping through the Paella ingredients and ending off with the main dish using Ocean Basket’s friendly, illustrative style we invited viewers to spice up their winter!

    Agency: So Interactive

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  • catalyst

    Flint Catalyst

    Flint Catalyst is a new solution to digital strategy launched by our sister company, Flint Studio. They wanted an animation that would introduce the product to clients in a cheeky, light-hearted way and this was the result.

    Sound Design: Black Envelope

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  • humangenome

    The Human Genome

    We were approached by Assemble to produce an animation for The University of Pretoria that illustrates the magnitude of the Human Genome using a metaphor that everyone could understand. We were responsible for creating the concept together with researchers from the University, and also for art direction and design.

    Agency: Assemble

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  • crunchalot

    Meet the Cerealots

    To promote the Jungle Crunchalot cereal, Arc Interactive developed a fantastic app for kids and needed another in-app video to introduce the Cerealot characters. Flint Motion was given the story and went about designing the kooky tale, with characters based on the original mascot’s design.

    Agency: Arc Interactive
    Voice: Plus 27

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  • skinsmart

    Skin Smart

    The Be Skin Smart app for Meda Pharma SA allows users to monitor their exposure to the sun by setting personal timers based on their skin types. Arc Interactive approached us for a slick explainer video to be packaged with the app that would give users a quick overview of how it all works.

    Agency: Arc Interactive

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  • collegecampus
    College Campus

    College Campus

    College Campus needed a pair of character illustrations for use on their website, to accompany missing page errors and the like, and we had quite a bit of fun creating something quirky that students as well as their parents could appreciate.

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  • ofm

    OFM Music Box

    Joe Public Shift developed this awesome concept for radio station OFM, and needed an awards entry AV for submission to the Cannes Lion advertising festival (where they won bronze under the Promotional Item Design category). The agency provided all the illustrations and video content, and we went about animating and putting it all together.

    Agency: Joe Public Shift
    Music: Joe Public Shift
    Voice: Joe Public Shift

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  • englishup

    English Up

    English Up is an English language teaching course done primarily over the internet and we were tasked with creating a short, animated explainer video to sum up how it all works. Infogr8 provided the script and voice over, and Flint Motion was responsible for design, animation and putting it all together.

    Agency: Infogr8
    Voice: Infogr8

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  • blackberry

    Blackberry Cinema Spot

    To showcase the launch of their new operating system, we created a mysterious teaser cinema spot and various animated billboards for Blackberry, announcing the release of Blackberry 10 as well as showcasing some of its main features.

    Agency: Idea Engineers
    Sound: Produce Sound

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  • jet

    Jet Mart

    Our brief was to create a 30 second retail TV commercial for the Jet Mart Health and Beauty Campaign. We came up with two concepts using their existing print elements and you can see the final result to the left.

    Agency: Joe Public Advertising
    Music: Cut & Paste
    Voice: Joe Public Advertising

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  • absa

    ABSA Guru Game Show

    The ABSA Guru Game Show event saw ABSA’s internal staff face off against each other in a series of staff related Q and A games. Flint Motion was briefed to design and animate a logo build worthy of first prize, and a bunch of flashy titles, to be displayed during the event.

    Agency: Missing Link
    Music: Missing Link
    Sound: Missing Link

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  • exxaro

    Exxaro: The Future of Mining

    Exxaro needed a video which would highlight the company’s socially responsible attitude and show that they cared strongly for the environment and their employees. They needed something that people could relate to so we settled on a more photographic style, and we dig the outcome.

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  • joepublic

    Joe Public United

    Advertising agency Joe Public approached us for an AV to be displayed at their Joe Public United launch party. Special thanks go to Black Envelope Productions for setting up the shoot, as well as all the guys at Joe Public for the great opportunity to work together.

    Production: Black Envelope
    Music: Black Eyed Peas

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  • employ


    Employabilitree is an educational skills development company, specializing in growing people’s personal skills, in order to help them gain a better understanding of what’s happening in the working world. The aim is to enhance their opportunities in finding employment and excelling in their chosen careers. We helped them out with this short, animated logo build.

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  • witch

    Witch & Wizard Logo Build

    Witch and Wizard productions needed a dark and mysterious logo animation, and that’s exactly what we gave them. With their wicked branding in mind, we set about designing and animating a magical world filled with evil trees, blood hungry bats, and a rather fit, staff wielding wizard.

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So this is what we do

For anything else, buy us a drink first.

Storyboards, treatment frames, typographic layouts, character designs

We design everything from storyboards and treatment frames to typographic layouts and character designs. While we specialize in designs that move, we’re more than happy to help out with things such as branding, mascot designs and illustrations.

tv commercials, audio visuals, explainer videos, animated logos, award entries

Animation is where things get really exciting. We do TV commercials, audio visuals (or AV’s as the cool kids call it), explainer videos, animated logos, award entries and everything in between.

footage editing, video colour grading, animatic stitching

Not all projects require design and animation however. Whether it’s editing footage together, colour grading of video or stitching together an animatic, we can do that too!

We’ve worked with these brands

It’s about who you know, right?

  • sasol
  • mondelez
  • masterchef
  • eskom
  • edcon
  • dstv
  • cadburyl
  • adfocus
  • skinsmart
    Skin Smart
  • ABSA
  • Exxardo
  • Jet
  • Brothers for life
    Brothers for Life
  • Blackberry
  • Mcmillian

Here’s what our clients have to say

  • blackenvelope

    We have enjoyed working in conjunction with the team at Flint Motion. There is no lack of positive attitude, energy and support. We will be looking forward to working on future projects to come.

    William Collinson, Creative Director, Black Envelope Films.

  • Arc

    Flint Motion have always catered to our needs and gone beyond our expectations, we would definitely recommend their services.

    Luke Goller, Creative Director, Arc Interactive.

  • bluemoon

    Flint Motion have proven themselves now more than once and we just love having them in our team. Thank you for your great ideas and calm temperament, your amazing ability to be part of an external team and your commitment to doing whatever it takes to ensure the job gets done.

    Debbie Rebelo, Executive Producer, Blue Moon Corporate Communications

  • Joe Public

    It has been a pleasure working with Flint Motion. They are always on top of their game, as well as accommodating in helping us add their creative expertise to our client’s brands.

    Pepe Marais, Executive Creative Director, Joe Public Advertising.

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